Author Week and lots more…

After a busy week sketching and painting the illustrations for my new book, Space Dust, I assumed I could slide into the weekend and enjoy the fun and shenanigans planned for  special event I was looking forward to attending. Unfortunately, the cards have turned and I’ve lost this round. It’s a working weekend!

As a writer, you sometimes find that events planned coincide with deadlines – or should I say, deadlines decide to land on event days and it’s a game of trying to balance everything and be in different places at the same time. Not that I’m complaining. I am grateful for these opportunities and realise how different my life is now compared to a few years ago. The one big regret I have is not knowing how to market my books well. With sales tanking, it’s heartbreaking to create another book knowing it will be sitting idle, waiting for readers to take it off the shelves.

Author Enrichment Week is fast approaching at school and this year I’ve gone for a more historic theme with mythical fantasy thrown in for good measure. We are promoting good writing across the school and expect our pupils to thrive in an environment where they can use their imagination and the skills we have given them to produce amazing pieces of writing. To top it off, the playful teachers are planning something special for the children – which I have to write by Friday – that will have them sitting up in their seats as they are introduced to the week ahead. It’s a busy time because we are squeezing this in between school visits and sports day. I’m sure it will all work out in the day – we thrive under pressure!

Waiting patiently in the background is the October Literary Festival where I will have my first opportunity to talk about children’s books outside a school setting. I’m both excited and nervous about it. Watching the panel at the Blogger’s Bash fed inspiration on what to do when thrown a curve ball question and the authors speaking about their books were great to watch and figure out how I want to present myself. More work to do before then, so that will sit on the back burner until after the Summer Reading Challenge has been completed.

Well, I have to run away again. Dinner is probably burning and I have to finish more illustrations tonight if I’m going to meet the deadline of this weekend to format my book and publish it in time for the proof to come back and then print enough copies for prizes and donations to the local libraries.

Before I go, check out my blog next week Tuesday – I will have a guest author on my Book Tuesday post sharing his latest book which I have added to my reading list and can’t wait to review (once I’ve finished reading Hugh Roberts’ ‘More Glimpses’ which has me enthralled at the moment.)

Leave a comment and let me know how your week is going.


2 responses to “Author Week and lots more…

  1. Hi Eloise I find my children’s books ever so much harder to market than my books for older people. I think that is because they are not in book stores but only on social media and children don’t see them and badger their parents to buy them.

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