Saturday thoughts

It’s 5.54am and I’m wide awake. Those enthusiastic birds cleaning their pipes outside give the impression that half the day has gone already and I’m a lazy slob for lying in bed. My tired body, which has succumbed to a chesty cold, begs to differ. What can you do when summer shouts, “Get up!” through your window every morning? Well, in my case, I prefer to make hay while the sun shines!

It’s been a week since I attended the Bloggers Bash and, in that same weekend, lost my oldest four-legged family member, Tarzan. Riding the highs of seeing so many writing and blogging pals and then living through the lows of watching another loved one leave me forever was a bit much this week. A way of coping is by numbing out all emotions and continuing the day as if nothing happened. That’s what I’ve had to do to survive work and the normal daily routine driving this week forward. After all, who has time to stop the world for a dead cat?

The family found solace in knowing that Tarzan lived a very full and happy life. His suffering towards the end was minimal considering the pain he must’ve been in for the months he lived with the renal failure. I hope, in my heart, that he is still with us in spirit, sitting in his favourite spot in the garden or roaming the passageways, waiting for me to fill his food bowl with something delicious. It’s crazy how attached we become to our pets and how much of our lives revolve around their memories.

Thinking of memories, we still reminisce on Henry, our dog, every day. He’s still referred to in conversations and those happy or sad thoughts keep him alive in our hearts.

Hope floats as my mind drifts towards the future. Given our incurable love for animals, I’m sure we will adopt another dog or cat to join our already large family of pets. Yes, it’s possible. Our home was built of the fabric of love and a safe haven for animals. The benefits of this have reflected on the sprogs who take great care of any creatures they encounter in the wild, scary or not.

Recently, we found a stag beetle in the Willow tree in our garden. My youngest sprog was quick to assess its size and conclude that it wasn’t the biggest beetle he’d seen but certainly the most beautiful. It pleased me that his first reaction was to admire its size and beauty and not to react in fear. Changing their attitudes to things that scare them will hopefully give them enough grit to stand up and protect those creatures from others who tend to destroy them without thinking. (Spiders found in the house are not included in this sanctuary, unless they are under the size of a fingernail!)

So, my thoughts for an early Saturday morning: life provides opportunities to keep old friends, find new ones and enjoy the time we share with them. But, at some point, we always have to say good-bye. What remains once those footsteps no longer patter down the passageways are the memories of the precious time spent together. Use that time well so when only the memories remain, they’re enough to help you cope with the loss.

Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping by.

12 responses to “Saturday thoughts

  1. I am so sorry for your loss.

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  2. Oh Eloise, I’m so so sorry. We too are consumate animal lovers, and I know too well the depth of pain and grief over losing a beloved family member, as our pets truly are. We lost our darling 15 year old Maisy, a beautiful grey and white tabby, 2 years ago. The grief is hard to bear, her loss devastating. The price we pay for loving our pets, remembering our dogs, and cats all grown up along with our family and lived long, happy lives, but now sadly long gone. Our ‘Boy’ Eddie, beautiful black moggie, is 13. We succumbed last October and got our beautiful Kitty Olive, also black, 9 months old. They are firm friends now after a period of adjustment. No pet replaces the other, your beautiful Tarzan, and Henry too, forever remembered, like our Maisy and Willow, Bonnie and Monty…but you will eventually, I’m sure, fill your home with the love of another beloved family pet. When the time is right. Big hugs to you ❤


  3. Hi Eloise, what a lovely post. I have been running behind all week with blog, we have friends staying with us, over from Canada.
    Again so sorry about your beautiful cat we all feel like a baby had died when we loose a pet 💜💜


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