Bloggers Bash Flatlay workshop

Thanks to Suzie and Sacha for a breakdown on how to create a great flatlay for instagram pics using texture, colours and positioning of items to co-ordinate different features of your image.

Pics below:

Its all about layering as you go along to create interest in the colours and textures around your books or products.

Using filters to brighten the image, pop with contrast or auto filters provided on different apps helps produce brighter, sharper images.

My attempt!

Be aware of your lighting and shadows. Choose a location that keeps those reflections down to a minimum.

Keep a theme going to help brand your pics. Colours, selected props using them consistently creates a nice theme for your pics. The colours provide accents to the theme that keep it consistent too.

14 responses to “Bloggers Bash Flatlay workshop

  1. Sounds fun and useful, Eloise. Lucky you to be able to attend.

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  3. I will add this link to my BB post later. Great detail and pics Eloise 🙂

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  5. So excited! I missed it 😦 Big thank you to the blogger bash commitee. I won Best personal development award! Excited

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  6. Great photos and description, Eloise, and I love your Flat Lay! ❤

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