Coffee Catch Up

Hello and welcome back to the bat cave. Thank you for joining me a day later than usual for our weekly catch up. I’ll explain the delay in a moment. First, let’s fill our cups and find a shady spot to sit down and relax.

Yesterday was one of those days where all the items on the to-do list decide to prioritize themselves – without permission, of course. Inevitably, I spent the day racing around crossing off those infernal chores with a vengeance. To end the day, my darling sprog lost his keys just minutes before we were supposed to leave the house to drop him off at the train station for his return to university. In his wisdom, he decided to book a station 30 minutes away in a high traffic area: Reading. For anyone familiar with the area, you will know that getting in and out of Reading during peak traffic times and reaching the train station without performing some maniacal moves on the motorway is impossible. Not that we didn’t try…and fail. It’s little wonder that my muse observed these proceedings and laughed incessantly in my head at the sequence of events, as though watching a comedy caper with two muppets driving across town. I’m sure my muse’s voice will pop up any time I attempt to describe a car chase or comedy escape scene with as much fervour as it watched me try to cross the A329M and tackle the Reading traffic without breaking a sweat!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything interesting or exciting?

This weekend marked the end of the first week back at school. The weather has managed to confuse most children into thinking that summer is here and just as they parade around in their summer wear, summer’s arch nemesis, winter, whenever appears to cause mischief and mayhem. A typical example is Thursday afternoon, as we stood in a delightful field filled with daisies, watching my youngest sprog play football. Within minutes, the weather went from a day in hell to the same frozen over. All the parents huddled together like penguins watching their young and complained bitterly about the weather, one minute huddling and shuddering, the next relinquishing their coats and scarves as the heat returned. The match itself was exciting enough to make us divulge our vestments and shout with greater enthusiasm than necessary at the slightest saves or nearest goals. The amusement on the competing parents’ faces said it all. We didn’t care. It was an epic match, even though we lost  by one point . 

I’m happy to say that I have finally caught up with my studies and am now on par with the course time table, which helps greatly as my next and final assignment is due next week. Power studying has helped and if I continue at the same pace, it will leave me with extra time this week to complete writing at least one of my books. The pressure has mounted for my children’s story to be complete and the illustrations started as I have now been offered an opportunity to share the book with more libraries across the borough. That means it has to be perfect! No pressure.

What are you working on at the moment? Due you have a deadline that is daunting? Let me know.

Well, I hate to run away on such a beautiful afternoon, but it’s nearly time for school pick ups and my poor sprog has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon that he can’t miss. So, I have to be on time for a change.

Do send in your news or anything you’d like to share. In the meantime, I wish you all a fantastic week ahead.

2 responses to “Coffee Catch Up

  1. So long as you didn’t get any speeding fines on that epic journey Eloise 🙂
    Gosh, almost finished your studies, all the best for the final leg … sounds like everything is on the way up! Good for you. I’m recruiting so busy with interviews etc. The writing has taken a back seat … but it will happen! Have a great rest of the week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha! All done within the speed limits, Cecily. 😁
      It sounds like you have your hands full too. I hope the recruitment exercise is successful and you get a chance to write again soon. Enjoy your week too. x


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