Monday Coffee

Welcome to the bat cave in our new abode. It’s a little messy at the moment with a large plastic container holding our video tapes and cds filling the space between the single chairs. On the up side, my new blue sofa is just itching to be used, so let’s grab our cups of tea and coffee and give it a purpose.

For those of you who follow my posts regularly, you would have read about our incredible luck over the past week in Serendipity. It’s not a small thing to say that my youngest sprog’s birthday weekend became one of his best after months of sadness and many tears. The weather seemed to agree with our good fortune and we had a wonderful, sunny weekend filled with dog walks.

My health bar on my phone clocked 4 kilometres a day which is a huge change from the past few months. The chocolates littered around the house weren’t as important as in previous years, though still very tempting after those long walks and time spent skipping stones across the pond while the dog swam after the ducks.

How did you spend your Easter weekend? Was it filled with chocolate indulgences or just a relaxing weekend with the family or friends?

This week is the start of the summer term at school. With it comes the dreaded exams. All my sprogs have been trying to study and keep up with their homework over the holidays. The one thing that has fallen to the wayside is reading. With all the upheaval of moving house and settling in, we’ve lost our regular Book Club slot at bed time. Given the scattering of children throughout the house, I need to figure out a way of enticing them back to reading time. To top it off, after unpacking the numerous book boxes that have been kept in storage over the past two years, I realised that most of the books in the children’s collection are far too young for my sprogs. This means that we get to shop for more books for their age and fill our shelves with the smell of the printed word on clean pages. I can’t wait!

Thanks to the holidays and all the excitement of last week, I am still behind on my studies. This week will be power studying week, to try to catch up. Once I’m up to speed, I will be able to concentrate on the book I’m writing for the Summer Reading Challenge and end of my crime romance, There’s Something About Harry. All efforts to finish the same were suspended a week ago; however, time is running out, so I’d better get those voices in my head talking again and get both books done.

While we sip our beverages, I would like to point out the pretty garden behind us. There are so many bluebells, it feels like a field of happiness smiling at us. Millie, our new four legged baby, enjoys snuffling through their bobbing heads, finding treats and her ball. Luckily, the cats don’t mind her and leave her to it while they sun themselves on luscious green patches. The summer promises to be great and this year, I plan on getting my fruit trees. The hubble insists on stopping me. His reasoning is: because we are not permanent, there is no point in adding to the amount we have to move again. But, I have a cunning plan. I could keep them potted so that they can travel easily with us wherever we go, still bearing fruit and living life. What could possibly go wrong with that idea?

Well, as the last rays of sun disappear over the horizon and the bluebells go to sleep, I notice your cup is empty and it looks like you’re getting ready to leave. I hope you have a lovely week, whatever you do. As I walk you to the door, I want to mention that last week taught me a valuable lesson; one that I had forgotten with all the silliness life throws in my way. It taught me to appreciate every moment and every person I encounter – good or bad. My encounter with our previous landlord has taught me to appreciate the value of written evidence, good note-taking and photographic evidence. It has also taught me not to trust those who pretend to be your friend in business. Meeting my ex-neighbour has taught me to value chance encounters and appreciate the wonderful people that light up this world and make it a better place. Both encounters have taught me that people I meet have the capability of tipping me upside down or righting my upturned existence, whatever the case may be. What an exciting prospect when thinking about the next person I meet. That brings me to you and my appreciation of you sitting with me and sharing news over a cuppa. You’ve already made my world a better place! Let’s hold onto that while we live out another week.

Have a good one.


One response to “Monday Coffee

  1. Sounds like a good Easter, Eloise. I finally got around to purchasing Spoilt Miranda and I look forward to listening to it.


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