That Friday Feeling

Good morning! On the day the UK was supposed to leave the EU, our personal adventure feels as if it is truly beginning.

The sun’s eyes hazily lift to the sky as the cats find their special window sills to gaze at the morning. Birds flutter by, chirping at each other and putting on a show for their lazy spectators. The soft sigh of happy, albeit tired children, safely asleep in their beds in their own rooms provides a background melody to the brightening day. Just typing that makes me happy. All my sprogs have their own space.

Of course, nothing can ever claim to be perfect. The journey to this point has been fraught with frustration after finding our new abode in a terrible state: jobs that were supposed to be completed before the ink dried on our agreement are still outstanding; furnishings and odd bits of junk that were supposed to be cleared before we moved in are still littered throughout the house and garden. Needless to stay, it’s not a Brexit tragedy but it did spoil moving day for us. Never one to find the glass half empty, I went back to the estate agents to ensure the policy we signed was upheld and they held their end of the bargain. That does mean some loose ends will have to be completed in the next few weeks and until then, our agreement will be on tenterhooks. The main objective was to push past the troubles and continue through the day.

Work hasn’t stopped. Studying has continued. Each night, we fall into bed, tending our aching bodies and feeling a tiredness that is not solved with sleep. Boxes filled with memories from the beginning of our lives together have to be opened and sorted. Books that have been waiting patiently to see shelves again are still in boxes. So much to do. It will be done, just not right away. The rest…well we will see if it’s important enough to worry about.

There’s a warm glow filling the room and that means, it’s time to go to work!

Have a fantastic Friday, whatever you’re doing and let’s hope you take a step forward towards your goals on what should have been an auspicious day for all in the UK.

6 responses to “That Friday Feeling

  1. Good luck with the move!

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  2. I hope you get all the small problems with your new home sorted out, Eloise. WE are all waiting to see what Brexit will bring.


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