Working Sunday

Good morning!

I’m up early today because I have an assignment that requires me to collaborate with six other students to produce a Wiki article. Organisation is key in the early stages and getting to know the people you work with online helps to gauge how far you can push to get the job done quickly without offending anyone.

Can you believe I haven’t even had my cup of tea yet? Yup, that’s how determined I am to get started. I do have ulterior motives for this. You see, with the house move looming over me, I need to have the majority of the research done this week and at least produce a skeleton draft of the Wiki by next weekend. This would benefit everyone as there are other parts to the assignment that require our personal input. The more time we have to do that, the better the result!

With that in mind, I hope I don’t miss Monday Coffee with you again. If I do, I will try to make up for it another day this week.

Onwards I go into the fray! Wish me luck.

2 responses to “Working Sunday

  1. Perhaps some toast and marmite will inspire your wiki brain?

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