Monday Coffee

…or should I say tea? After all, we are meeting at tea time and the weather demands something a bit more comforting than coffee. Join me on the yellow sofa and let’s catch up.

I hope you like your chamomile tea. Some prefer sugar with their tea, however, I feel the natural herbal goodness and flavour of chamomile are far better enjoyed without any additives or sweeteners. What do you think?

The coffee house is pretty empty today. Most folk are still at work or looking after their lovely little sprogs at home since it’s half term. We have wound down and are steadily progressing towards sloth mode for the week ahead. I have to do some catch up studying as I have another assignment due next week. Time just flies when your coursework is not done!

I have to share something rather silly with you…I love my short hair! Yes, I know, it sounds vain and so inappropriate as subject matter for a catch up, but if you knew the struggles I’ve been through trying to maintain my long hair, you would understand. Usually, the sudden change in hair length  spouts a period of mourning for the loss of long locks. Instead, every waking moment is filled with joy as I jump out of the shower, towel dry the spikes that are now curling at the tips as they grow longer and style the same in under a minute. That’s hair freedom for you. If I don’t like the style, I just brush it in a different direction and wham! Job done. Have you changed something in your life that brings you immense joy every time you remember it or use it?

Now, onto a more interesting topic: writing. My next chapter for Snotty Norman and Spotty Sally is relatively complete. My main focus this past week was on Moofy and Flo. Using the valuable resources I have at school, I showed the story to our early years teacher and she loved it! It was a relief to receive positive feedback on a book that has been sitting idle for the last two years. At last, it will see the light of day. Only a few more illustrations are needed (I’ve had to add more due to the number of pages required for publication) and then it will be complete. The language and vocabulary will target children aged 3+ with the objective of encouraging independent reading for children 5+. Some of the pictures printed out rather dark from the draft so I’ll have to tweak those before the final process. All-in-all, project Moofy and Flo is moving swiftly along.

On the home front, all four sprogs are home this week. It is a welcome relief to have them under one roof. After my older sprog had another health scare, I’m happy to watch him like a hawk until his return to university. The rest are loving the extra time with him and under new mummy laws, no devices will be touched until chores and 30 minutes of homework are done. Needless to say, the house is clean and tidy and I have happy, relaxed sprogs screaming at each other and the television as they appreciate their Xbox time now that they have earned it.

I miss our dog, Henry, so much. The day feels incomplete without his furry body walking by or sitting on my lap as I try to get some studying done. No wet nose kisses greet me good morning anymore and I strain to hear his moofy barks that used to urge me to take him for a walk. How much time should pass before we get another fur baby? I keep debating this point and I know I’ve asked the same question before. It’s just that on days like this, I feel guilty about even considering another dog to fill his paw prints. His memory and residual presence is so strong in the house, it feels like I’m trying to erase him.

Well, it looks like the weather is still a soggy, drippy mess outside. We’d best be going before the evening chill settles in and the normal end-of-day traffic makes our trip home longer. Thanks for joining me here on the yellow sofa in our favourite coffee house. Have a great week and I’ll catch up again with you next week.


10 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. I have long hair right now, BUT I don’t do anything with it 🙂 I’ve been meaning to cut it shorter, but getting a haircut hasn’t been a priority. I’ve noticed that it’s taking me longer to blow dry my hair especially important with this winter weather, and I’m finding that I can scroll through my wordpress reader then.

    Good for you for getting positive feedback on your book! I relate to you in missing having a dog and the memories of how they always keep good company. (I can’t have one because of my current living space.) They always brighten up a home.

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    • That’s a great idea, using the time to blow dry your hair for catching up with your wordpress reader. Thank you for your kind words. I’m really hoping this book will motivate younger readers to enjoy the book on their own. Dogs are amazing!
      Thanks so much for stopping by for tea and a catch up. Have a lovely week.

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  2. So sorry you lost your Henry, Eloise. I know just what you mean about the emptiness they leave behind.
    I’m glad your story is going well, though. That’s great!

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  3. I’m so glad your project Moofy and Flo is moving along and will see the light of day soon. I like your home rules. More parents should have those rules. Oh, it broke my heart to know that Henry has passed on. I’m so sorry for your loss. I got my Pomeranian, Scribbles about 8 months after my Pomeranian, Rascal passed away. Although both Scribbles and Rascal are Pomeranians they have such different personalities. I still miss Rascal and I continue to talk about him when something brings him to mind, but I’m happy to have Scribbles––it eases the pain of the loss. You should get another pup the moment you feel ready to give another fur baby your love. All the best, my friend. ❤ xo


  4. After I lost two lovely, over-fifteen dogs within four months of each other, I vowed that I would not be having another dog to join the family for at least a year. About six months later, we were on our way to Salisbury, passing NCDL (now Dogs Trust) and decided to go in just to say hello to the mutts who were waiting for prospective parents to fall in love with them.
    In the first pen we cam to was a very poorly, very dirty Springer-x-Border-Collie. He’d just arrived from Ireland after a long journey on a truck. He was almost dead. The vet didn’t give much for his chances. The manager told us, “If he survives, you can adopt him.” After three days on a drip, Ronan came bounding into our lives.
    The vet estimated his age at about 9 months.
    He had sixteen very happy years with us. I loved that boy!
    What I am saying to you, Eloise, is that, when the time is right, the new love of your life will just come to you. You will know. ❤ xxx


  5. How lovely to have a half term with all your children. I hope your oldest is better now.

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