Monday Coffee

Crisp air blows into the café as I hustle through the door to join you on the yellow couch near the bookshelves. The warm smell of freshly ground coffee mixed with baked delights fills the air and I take it all in as I reach over to give you a hug hello. Now that we’ve settled on the brightest piece of furniture in the room, let’s sit back and catch up on our week.

It has been a week of two halves. The first part of the week consisted of catching up with my writing and studying the next chapter in my module. It stimulated a brief post on language which I found interesting given my mixed background. I’ve been trying to keep up on my posts and general writing; you may have noticed an increase over the past few weeks. This has attracted new bloggers to my site which is always welcome exciting – I love visiting their sites in return – and discovering their online worlds!

The second half of the week saw me flying through library admin at work, a task I don’t usually get a chance to do. Poor, unloved books were given tender loving care and repair, and new books received their stamp of approval with barcodes and branding on their little bellies. World Book Day is fast approaching so the decision on what theme to choose this year needs to be made. I’ve dressed up as an Oompa-Loompa, a pirate, a ladybird, a cat and Mary Poppins. Depending on what is decided, I’ll need time to create my costume. It’s more fun than buying it.

Some good news. My flash fiction piece (written back in January) is having a face off with another piece on Alison’s website, re-Written. She runs a flash fiction competition every month and you can enter your piece for a chance of a face off with other flash fictions! Check out the two stories and vote for your favourite!

Titillating titbits for this week: the cat bit me when I tried to give him his meds this weekend. For an old guy, his teeth as still in good nick – well that’s what my aching hand tells me! My middle sprog’s nosebleeds are not improving. Fortunately, we do have some medicine now which the doc promises will help reduce them. Let’s see if her nose agrees. This morning, it had its own bloody party down the front of her school shirt just as we were leaving for school. Not fun.

What about you? Have you accomplished some everyday tasks that have been waiting patiently in the shadows of everyday life? Let’s get a refill and you can tell me about your week.

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