Another One Bites the Dust!

Help! Advice needed.

The snow has gone and the week is trudging along slowly. Yet, for me, it’s a throw back to last week. I’ve had another sprog succumb to a nasty virus – this time a tummy bug – which means another few days of scrubbing and detoxing the house. Not forgetting their dear mum, the sprogs have kindly shared their icky, yucky, back-of-the-throat ache which is scratching away and producing a cough that sounds like I smoke twenty a day.

I have no idea why we are so susceptible to these viruses as we regularly take our vitamins, eat a healthy diet of everything and then some, and don’t over-indulge on sweeties or crap food. Maybe, just maybe, I should change our diet to MacDonalds or KFC. Maybe I should clean less! Just the thought of that makes my skin crawl.

That feeling of incompetence that hounds every mum and dad when their children get sick is eating at me. So, I’m resorting to asking for advice from you, dear reader. Help me figure out how to stop these annoying viruses. Short of moving house, I can’t think of what else we need to do to shake the funk from our home.

Looking forward to your comments.





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6 responses to “Another One Bites the Dust!

  1. Dry heat maybe? In my house, I cough a lot due to the dry heat from my furnace.

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    • That’s a good point. We do have our heating on pretty high. But, saying that, we always keep the windows slightly open to keep fresh air flowing through the house. I was thinking that maybe we should isolate the sick patients to avoid the germs spreading throughout our little cave.

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  2. My son suffers from chronic asthma and sinus, Eloise. The paed said we must all wash our hands thoroughly and shouldn’t shake hands with people as colds spread that way.

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  3. My girl and her son are always catching whatever is going around while DH & I are healthy as horses. Sometimes, it can be environment (school and work) and other times I think certain people just have lower immunities. It sounds like you’re doing the right thing- hang in there {{hugs}}

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