Monday Coffee

Welcome back to our favourite café. It was a rather precarious trip in today with icy roads and pathways, but we’ve made it! I’ve ordered your favourite beverage so come on over to the yellow couch next to the bookshelves and let’s catch up.

Last week turned out to be very different to what I had anticipated. The threat of snow gripped the headlines and everyone waited with baited breath to see if their region would be blessed with a coating of white. On Thursday night, the sprogs, Hubble and I stayed up watching the clouds religiously, waiting for a sign that snow would come. With great disappointment, the sproggles tucked into bed, fussing and moaning that they were hoping for a snow day. Then, just as the clock struck nine, the first flakes fell and excitement erupted throughout the household. Even the cats came to perch on the windowsill to watch the flakes falling. Of course, there was no point in keeping the sprogs in bed when I knew they were secretly watching from their window. So we congregated in our bedroom and chose difference seats near the window to watch the snow slowly turn the world white.

Friday morning saw us waking up to a glistening world of silence – only the crunching sound of dog walkers’ feet broke the spell of serenity cast over the forest and meadow.   It was a good day.

The rest of the week was filled with work, studying and an emergency run home to look after my middle sprog who fell on the way to school and has been suffering terrible nose bleeds with her latest cold. She had the grace to laugh at the situation which might have frightened others. After falling on the ice, she had to pick herself up and walk home. The spare key was frozen under its hiding place and she had no way of getting into the house. To top things off, her nose started bleeding again! Thankfully, she got inside in the end and didn’t have to add frost bite to her endless list of ailments. She is on the road to recovery now and it looks like the nose bleeds are lessening.

giphy exercise

As I reach for my tea cup, I too have admit that I am not 100%; I’m aching all over. In my wisdom, I decided to start exercising on Saturday after lounging around the house for what felt like centuries! We all got up and jogged around the coffee table and up and down the stairs, then did quick punches to loosen the shoulders and get our hearts beating faster. I forgot how much my arthritis hates that and it kicked back with a vengeance. It’s not all bad though, because I now know the signs to look out for and will take the proper vitamins and minerals to counteract the side effects. By the end of this week I’ll be punching the air and hopping and skipping like a deer in a field of wild flowers.

How has your week been? Did you get any snow in your part of the world or did the clouds decided to pass over to the next town? What are your plans for this week?

Before I go, I have to mention how excited I am about the Bloggers Bash this year. So many of my favourite blogs have been nominated in the new categories and I can’t wait to see the final listings. It is going to be a great year to attend and I will not jinx it by saying I’m going. Instead, I will mention it to you and hope to see you there if I do get to attend. Don’t forget to keep checking the website for updates on the guest speakers and competitions.

Well, my cup is empty and it looks as though most of the other patrons have headed off to start their day. I’d better get on with mine too. Have a lovely week and thanks for joining me.


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