Catch Up Coffee

Monday has been devoured by time lords and I am desperately clawing away time to catch up with you before the week disappears. Grab your beverage and let’s meet at the yellow sofa for a quick catch up.

First, let me say how great it is to see you here and I’m grateful you’ve taken the time to stop by. I’ve had a pretty hectic weekend. My eldest sprog had an accident at university and had to be rushed to hospital. Luckily, it turned out to be less serious than we initially thought and he has been sent back to his digs to continue his educational/party journey.

Family aside, studying and writing are back on track. My inspiration has come from fellow bloggers and authors sharing their woeful tales of procrastination and suffering. After all, misery loves company and I was so happy to see I’m not alone; it actually got me off my log and back in front of the computer. So far, I’ve free-written 1000 words about a young girl embarking on an adventure after a rough start to life. Some people get positive endorphins from exercise or going out – I get mine from creating new characters and story lines. So, I’m ecstatic and motivated!

Adding to that, Alison Birch from re:written will be including my flash fiction piece in February’s competition. I’m over the moon that it will included for considering and will be put to the polls. Alison, an professional editor and proof reader started up her own company and has added this fun idea to her site to promote writing. Stop by and check out the January winner of the Flash Fiction Face Off.

The week, the weather is promising snow. Given the icy conditions of our little estate once the temperature drops, I’m hoping it won’t affect my new mission at work: to move Grandmother Tree to a new location where she will have the opportunity to grow and create a special reading grotto for the children. I cannot stress enough how lucky we are to have such a specialised library in our school. To be a part of creating the magic for the children makes work a pleasure. This does mean her letters to the children will probably be delayed – something they constantly complain about. Hopefully, the new area will have a special post box and maybe a few more fairy doors for the children to find reading treats or instructions to creating/writing their own adventures.

Still thinking about work and writing, the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition has now been launched and the winners will have the awesome opportunity to hear their work read out in the Waterloo Chamber of Windsor Castle. I’m determined to get my writers through to the finals this year. In previous years we have managed to reach the semis, but I have a good feeling about this year. What better way to celebrate the writing at our school than participating in a competition that includes the whole of the UK and showcases the talent we have in young writers?

The Blogger’s Bash nominations are now open and categories have been given a shake up to make the nominations fairer to all blogging communities. Have you added your nominations yet? Don’t delay as there are many blogs out there just waiting for a chance in the limelight. Show you care by nominating them and spreading the word about how good they are.

Some other exciting news: I’ve sent out my interview questionnaire to an upcoming musician whom I plan on introducing you to in the upcoming weeks. His band is young and talented and he is making a name for himself on the music scene. More details to follow soon.

Well, that’s the plan for the weeks ahead and what has been happening so far. Send me your comments and stories about your weekend and plans for the week ahead.

Have a great week!


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  1. A very busy week. I am glad you are inspired and writing. I hope your writers do really well.

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