Signs You’re Afraid of Finishing Your Manuscript

Wise words that resonate with me. Do you have a manuscript hiding in the closet, waiting to see the light of day?

K.M. Allan

Every writer has either a desk drawer or a folder on their computer with a manuscript they started but never quite completed.

It might be because the idea was only good for two chapters, they could never dig their way out of a major plot hole, or life became more important than writing the final scene. In any case, drafts weren’t finished.

Then there’s the WIP’s that got further. The ones that made it past the first draft and have been critiqued by betas. Their plots are set in stone. The characters are established and have names, backstories, lives on the page. Edits have been made. Each chapter has been scrubbed of weak words and repeats, but it’s still not finished. Why? Because along with the self-doubt that crippled drafts three to five, the computer crash of draft seven, and the break after edit number three that lasted a month…

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One response to “Signs You’re Afraid of Finishing Your Manuscript

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m happy to hear you could relate 😊.

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