Moofy and Flo

As a writer, the brick wall of procrastination and mind block is fatal to any projects awaiting completion. Here’s an example of one of my projects which have fallen under its deadly blocks of silence.


Poor Moofy and Flo, an early years story about friendship and forgiveness, has been awaiting the limelight for years. As a great procrastinator, I have been able to stall this project by just a few measly illustrations. The script is written, the words ridiculous and funny, but alas no pictures to complete it.

Henry and I had a meeting today about the project and he was not impressed with progress. Of course, I have to point out that my dog and cat are the inspiration behind this story. You’ve met Scat the Black Cat before in his own story about bullying and friendship. In this tale, he takes on the persona of a ginger moggy with a cuddly bear-like creature for a friend, aptly named Moofy for all the sighs that escape his moofy mouth.

Henry decided to sketch the last few images to complete the book. He has not been well this week but still managed to pull of some pretty nifty illustrations. I feel rather ashamed that he’s achieved more in one hour than I have in the past six months!

Nevertheless, it’s lunch time and this procrastinator is taking a break. Do you think Moofy will be miffed?

Watch this space!

9 responses to “Moofy and Flo

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  2. SO excited! Make it happen, which will delight and inspire us all. 🙂


  3. It sounds like a fun project, Eloise.


  4. Oh Eloise, you are just so funny and inspirational at the same time! Look forward to hearing how you and Henry make it to the end, which I’m sure must be on the horizon. I’m afraid I have ‘The Block’ at the moment and I’m not even a proper writer lol. x


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