Monday Coffee

Quick! Grab you mug and come join me on the sofa. I have some news!

Great! Now that you’re all settled, I can tell you. I’ve passed the first year of my degree! Over the moon would be an understatement of how I feel right now. But, that’s not all…the overall score was graded as a Distinction. Whoop! I’m spilling coffee everywhere with my mad gestures and excited giggles. I promise I’ll calm down in a few minutes – I just need to enjoy this euphoria for a little while longer.

After so many years of letting my brain sit like a lettuce, it was a very hard decision to go back to studying. Although the course itself has been very accessible and the tutors brilliant at motivating my befuddled brain, I didn’t dare dream I could achieve a high enough grade to touch a Distinction. Of course, reality bites and I know what you’re going to say: “Calm down! It’s only year one. Wait till the real work starts!”

I agree. The big challenge is yet to come but now that I know I’m capable, why not keep pushing myself? After all, this is all just a process of writing in different forms; a chameleon changing colour according to its surroundings. Hopefully once I’m done, you’ll recognise my writing in its perfect polished, form – the butterfly extending its wings after metamorphosis!

In the meantime, share some good news with me and keep this good feeling flowing a little longer. I promise not to throw more coffee droplets on you!

5 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. Great, congratulations! Keep pushing yourself!

    What type of a degree are you studying for? How much longer?

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  2. No! No! Don’t calm down Eloise de Sousa!. I am soooo excited for you. Hearty congratulations and keep it going. Just love your news. Well done. So proud of you … I almost feel like your Mum – as proud as a peacock! And as you asked for some good news stories – I gained my degree just 10 years ago. A mature student who loved every minute of studying and attending uni for two nights a week for four years. Hard work, but it pays off. I know each year will bring fabulous results. Once again – well done. Enjoy your coffee and spill as much as you want … you deserve to wet the world. And have a good break. Hugs 🤗 x


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