Monday Coffee

Hello and welcome back for another coffee catch up. It’s a bit late here but the perfect time to brew a cuppa Java and whittle away at the past week.

How have you been? What has been the highlight of your past week and weekend? My highlight has been the time taken to read a book and watch my favourite Netflix shows!

This week has flown by. I had a challenge thrown at me to complete the writing task and organising an event at work which got my creative juices flowing again. Now if I could just shift my behind off Procrastination Island, I’d be fine!

Happy celebrations are filling my dance card most weekends throughout June and to be honest, it is the season to be grateful for a large family – well that’s how I feel anyway. With so many celebrations comes the agony of finding something to wear. It may seem trivial to some but my family takes events seriously and we have to tog up. It’s a great way to feel like a party princess too!

Bubbles of excitement are crawling under my skin. We have only a few weeks left before summer holidays truly begin and it will be time to start promoting my books. While I wait for it, I’m slowly traveling through my reading list and trying to devour as many as I can before my second year begins. After all, time waits for no man…or woman.

Well, my time seems to be up. My cup needs a refill and it’s time to get in a few minutes reading time before bed.

Join me again soon for another cup and catch up. It’s been great spending time with you. Have a great week.

8 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. It’s nice that your work projects and family celebrations keep you busy and inspired. June is busy for me too! The past two weeks have brought dance recitals, Spring concerts, moving up and honors ceremonies, and a college orientation to my crazy world. Let’s be sure to sneak away and pamper ourselves whenever possible. We deserve it!

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  2. Great to read your news, Eloise. It sounds like you have a busy time ahead.

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  3. Pretty full week there Eloise! Love your easy conversational way of writing. You looked splendid at the wedding, as did your family … love dressing up for those special large family occasions … but know exactly what you mean! Enjoy the week ahead … I’m going to be on the go go go … the motorways / A-roads shall see much of me this week!

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  4. Business Eloise – all fairly local … Marlow, Oxford, Hemel Hempstead, Chesham! #burningthe … And I’m looking forward to a family get together at the weekend! Hope your week is a good one and your ‘sprogs’ Enjoyed their time away. Take care.

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