Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Holding the Lines (Book 2 The First Level of Hell) by Joelle LeGendre

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Delighted to share the new release from Joelle LeGendre. Holding the Lines is Book Two of The First Level of Hell series following on from Atto Run.

About Holding the Lines Book Two – The First Level of Hell

Take the equivalent of a human 12-year old and give him an honest-to-God this-can-really-hurt-you chemistry set. Ramp this up to the next step and think outside Earth, outside the solar system and fit your imagination into galactic proportions.

Then do something so insane it defies imagination. Stick this child on a world inhabited by the galactic version of violent, voracious army ants and tell him he’d better use the damned chemistry set or die.

What do you get?

“I’m repairing part of the genome that’s trying to absorb your uterus. No wonder it took my people 100,000 years to create Ri-Attons.”

“I’m 9 months pregnant. I’m miserable. Why don’t they come…

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