Paperless Post

In our nuclear world where the postal service is practically archaic, messaging is better served via various media sources available at our finger tips.  Birthday invitations are now received via text message or Whatsapp groups and paper invites seem a thing of the past. I miss it though, the personalised stationery with quirky bits added for extra interest that entices you to open the invite numerous times to read the perfectly picked font announcing an engagement or up-coming arrival.

Well, what if I told you that there was a company out there creating a balance between online invites with a personal touch and that quick, savvy way of sending out your message to the world? I’ve found a solution that works for me.

In a recent bid to find a way of sending a special birthday message to my niece, who is turning 18, and trying to keep the cool aunt persona by not sending her a paper card with a carbon footprint attached, I decided to take up an offer to try Paperless Post’s wide range of online cards, invites, flyers and or so many more products. Given the extensive choices leaping out at me, I felt a bit overwhelmed. After my initial reaction, I settled in to the options available for what I actually wanted. Being a novice at creating online birthday cards, I felt a bit wary about clicking on a different choice of card background. So, I went straight to preview a pre-designed card, just to gauge what it would look like when delivered. Boy, was I surprised. A pop up envelope appeared on the screen and out flicked this beautiful card with a photo of a model and a personalised message underneath. The card itself was elegantly decorated with motifs along the side borders which didn’t scream crass to me.

So, with a bit more confidence, I clicked back to the options and started making out own birthday delight, clicking away at various backgrounds, side motifs, photos of my niece instead of the model and editing the message on the card.  A further option to add another card with more photos or messages was given but I declined.  I didn’t want to overdo it. Once the choices were made, I was directed to a page where I could choose who would receive the card and to select a date and time for delivery. Perfect! A preview of my product design was also available which was rather pleasing to see.

Now this is all very well for a simple card, but what if you were an author, like myself, who wanted to get word out about a book launch or signing event? What if I wanted to mail this event to all my subscribers on my Mailchimp listing, saving me the hassle of creating a new campaign? Well, ladies and gents, hold onto your handrails because this possibility was available. For those of you who have signed up to my Hot Shot Updates, you might have already received my little flyer! I downloaded and copied my guest list from the Mailchimp .csv file and uploaded it straight to Paperless Post‘s pre-set .csv file in Excel, saving me time and energy. Now I am mighty glad to say that I had too many people on my list to afford sending them all the Hot Shot Update. For the lucky fifty or more who received it, congratulations! You have been part of my test service using this new form of post! For the rest – apologies. I will try to mail it out once I add more coins to my Paperless Post account which is pretty good value for money.

This has definitely opened up the options for me on how to advertise my web page and products. I’m hoping to find new options that are cheaper especially when sending on such a large scale, but as a splurge, I have chosen this option for today. Test it yourself and see if you like it for your book launches.  Remember, your registered mail listers will appreciate something more personalised for your special occasion.

Drop me a comment or email me with your experience of Paperless Post. Remember, the opinions held here are my own and I welcome alternative views.

Have a great day!


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