Mummy’s Day this side…

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It’s Mothers Day this side of the world … where I come from … Zimbabwe… it’s celebrated in May, as it is in many other countries. I haven’t yet researched why it’s different – I’ve just accepted!

I wish my friends and relatives who are Mummys, a very happy day, not only today but every day!

But let’s not forget to wish the Aunties and Godmothers and Grandmas, and Sisters, and Daddys who have to be Mummys too.

Mothers Day has expanded!

My two chicklets, my precious ones, are loved and nurtured by so many. They are who they are, awesome young adults, because of the people surrounding them. Their experiences, the love and guidance we have from all around them is just fabulous. It’s not only the people we have near us who influence them, but those far off too! I wouldn’t change it for the world … and…

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6 responses to “Mummy’s Day this side…

  1. I hope it’s a wonderful, special day for you dear Mello. Hugs on the wing!

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  2. Thank you so much for reblogging Eloise. Happy day to you x

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  3. Happy Mother’s Day! We celebrate, here, in May as well. ❤

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