Monday Coffee

Hi! Welcome to our Monday meet up. The beast from the east, the promised snow from Russia, has not solidified and as we all wrap ourselves up like burritos, the handful of snowflakes dancing erratically outside seem to be laughing at us!

They’re not the only ones laughing. I’ve been giggling at my pathetic attempts to create a video blog for my book, Scat the Black Cat. I have to take my hat off to all those vloggers out there making names for themselves. It’s very hard and yes, I’m supplementing gentler words than the expletives I’d love to express as I suffer through my monotone dialogue and dead-pan eyes. Even Scat, my black cat, looked more entertaining and enthusiastic! Trust him to steal the show. Maybe I should film him and let him advertise his own book. There’s an idea.

So, dear reader, my failed attempts at vlogging doesn’t mean I shall give up – oh no! I will get it right and share my attempt with you once my embarrassment subsides.

Right. It’s cold. It’s late. I’m off to find my warm bed. Nightly bye!

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