Saturday Night Confessions

Hi there!

I haven’t written in this section in a while and I’ve just finished my studying for the night, so I thought I’d treat myself to a quick blog post. Yes, that’s the ultimate excitement for me on a Saturday night!

Now obviously I need to confess something given the title to this post. I thought I’d divulge a little more about me, the student. After so many years of lazy lounging, I have undertaken the huge task of trying to get a degree whilst working and raising four sprogs. I could say it’s difficult but I’d be lying. There are days when I just sit back and watch the telly, ignoring the voices of panic in my head screaming at me to get my butt back to work. I guess we all have those voices in our heads and they are the voices of reason. In my world, the voices of reason are just little shits waiting to be silenced by the ‘fun ones’! They’re the Perfect Peters of this world, always doing the right thing. And I am most certainly not that kind of girl.

So, I confess that I am a lazy, abhorrent student with delusions of grandeur (I assume I’ll pass with little-to-no effort made) and I can’t say I hate it. When the crisis time arises, my butt does lift and I get the work done. Why stress life out when you an cruise along and take the big waves in your stride? Don’t tell my sprogs I said this though. Can you imagine me giving them lectures about consistency and doing things on a timely basis whilst I wile away my time reading blogs and watching Criminal Minds?

What sort of confessions do you have about your studying ethics, present or past? If you’re not brave enough to confess, maybe you’d like to share an anecdote about lazy 40-something adults who don’t like to work too hard! I look forward to your comments. :o)



7 responses to “Saturday Night Confessions

  1. As it has been quite a while… I have always needed some sort of music in the background while studying. Whether high school, trade school or specialty certifications I received, I always had to have the distractions to help me process my information better… šŸ™‚

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  2. Egads, I am so “lazy” compared to my 20s, even my 30s. Really slowing down and having big time management issues. And I don’t even have kids. *laugh*

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  3. An interesting post, Eloise. I am very obsessive so when I studied, I did it with great determination so I never had an issue with sitting down and working, it was stopping that was a problem for me.

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