Redundancy: New Opportunities?

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Image result for asg technologies logoWhen I joined ASG Technologies, almost ten years ago, I believed that I would be seeing out the rest of my working life at this great, innovative software company. Until very recently, that belief prevailed. Over the last three years in particular, the company has gone through remarkable transition, and I have enjoyed a major role in its exciting evolution. The future looked very bright.

Then my world came crashing down!

On the 21st September, I was summoned to a “redundancy consultation meeting.” The invitation letter informed me that, due to a shortfall in services sales revenue, the company had found it necessary to make some cost reductions. My salary and overhead fell into the category of a cost reduction. I was requested to present my proposals for options to avoid redundancy. Unfortunately, none of the options that I presented at that meeting proved viable, so I find…

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One response to “Redundancy: New Opportunities?

  1. Oh no! Stay positive Lance. The universe is nudging you in a different direction.

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