Tanka Poem

Following Colleen’s instructions on how to form a tanka poem, I decided to give it a try. Bearing in mind I have never written one before, I might have missed the mark slightly, so it might not be correct! 

My poem is based on my weekend morning ritual: 

Waking to the sounds of my children 

Their bodies flying onto my bed and their constant chatter 

The disruption of my dreams and peaceful state to one of full alertness

The warmth emanating from being near their enthusiasm so early in the morning. 

And here is the product of my ramblings…

Consciousness awake

Eager voices breaking peace

Chasing the morning

Like birds departing still lakes

Awakening the new day

Give it a try and tag me in if you do.

Have a great day. 

22 responses to “Tanka Poem

  1. How lovely, Eloise. Colleen is certainly inspiring us, isn’t she?

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  2. Very nice! I discovered a rhyme scheme new to me not to long ago that I’m fiddling with, “Terza Rima”. It looks like this.


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  3. Eloise, this is amazing! Well done. I love it my friend! ❀️

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  4. This drew me into your experience. Well done, you!

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