Walking in the Rain

Henry, my dog, insisted that we take our daily walk during the torrential downpour today in the south of England. As I thumped out my wellies (in case of spiders) and donned my weatherproof coat, I considered how lucky I was to have a dog like Henry. 

Many walks have led me to this same conclusion. It’s not because I love the trickling wetness soaking through my layers or enjoy sweating into my socks and shoes on a blisteringly hot day – no! It’s because I often ponder on life itself and use my walkies time wisely. 

Today’s epiphany came as I cleared the gorse bushes on the path next to the stream. I was ambling up the gentle ascent to the top of the hill when it occurred to me that humans search for company in many ways. Whether through friendships or forced acquaintances, we require some form of companionship to enable us to function. 

Then came the question: do hermits require some form of stimulus to write decent dialogue for their books, or are the voices in their heads enough to produce decent discussions? Of course, Henry had his own opinions on the matter but refused to share them with me… 

…which brought me back to my conclusion about companionship. We seek out relationships with people that stimulate us in various ways: some to enhance intelligence; others to broker a love interest or mild infatuation; friendships to re-affirm our self worth and enemies to blame for our shortcomings. Out of all those, can we honestly say we have found someone who truly understands us, body and soul? I wonder. 

My mind made itself up and decided that there is no-one out there who truly understands the different perspectives of me; maybe that’s because I’ve been looking in the wrong place. Maybe, after all this searching, I should have looked in a mirror and seen the one true person that understands and accepts me for who I am – myself! 

Do you feel the same way, of do you disagree? 

18 responses to “Walking in the Rain

  1. I understand 100%. Yep, I try understand all of the subtle details of your… Oops, sorry 😉 Actually, this post was obviously written by a true introvert – thinking while walking, go beneath the surface, the conclusion, etc.

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  2. I walk, i think, I rarely conclude but I do think some more. All because the dog must go outside. Yep, I’m there with you

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  3. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Eloise finds some introspection whilst on a walk with her companion canine Henry – how do we meet someone who gets us.. completely… find out by heading over and reading the rest of the post.. but bear in mind… if you want a job done well……

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  4. Hi Eloise, it sounds to me as if dogwalking is ideal for contemplation! I do believe we all need companionship and relationships with one another; we are social animals. However, I don’t believe we ever truly understand anyone, or indeed, ourselves. For those who write psychological thrillers I think it’s wise to keep this in mind! The Johari Window model is helpful to look at: there always remains that unknown part of ourselves.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johari_window

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    • Thank you for your input. It’s good to know we are all out there looking but quite sad to think we will fade away without anyone knowing our true selves. Though, as you pointed out, in some cases that is a good thing!


  5. Maybe I ought to get a dog so that I can work out some issues circling around in my head? 😉 Seriously though, I get what you mean. Happy Wednesday, Eloise!

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  6. An excellent post on so many levels! Well done. My two girls, feline, do not go outdoors, I’m on the main road through our little village and those trucks go through so fast… But I do love to walk here and the rain is very special. Thank you.

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  7. Many of my blog posts and stories have come out of walking Toby (and now Austin) even when John, my partner, has been with me. I think some people get near almost understanding who we are, but maybe it’s the way we actually communicate which stops other people understanding who we are just the tiniest of bit?

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  8. “The (wo)Man in the Mirror” is in my head now, dear Mello. I enjoyed your ponderings. Well done. Hugs.

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    • Oh, and my two cents? I’m always surprised by how vastly others perceive me is from how I see myself. Everyone views everything and everyone through their own “filters”… That also applies to how we see ourselves — through our own filter even when we look in the mirror.
      Certainly there will be a few people in our lives that see the real us. But for the most part, if someone looks through their filter and truly understands us — ha! They probably just got lucky.
      We understand the person we *think* we see.
      I don’t expect anyone to agree. As I said, just my two cents. Hugs.

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      • That’s a great way of looking at it. I’m so pleased to here different perspectives on the matter. I love people watching and I have to admit, I do categorise people using my filters.


    • Thank you Teagan. xxx


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