Truths Unseen — The 1930s Part 3

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Welcome back, everyone.  I’m muddling through with a brief post this time, continuing this “character study” series.

Crystal w-Story Jar 06-29-14

But first, a BFF Update… Crystal had the huge growth removed last week. She bounced back in amazing form, regaining her appetite and personality.  Meanwhile we awaited the test results for what couldn’t be seen.

As with every detail of this experience, anything good is counterbalanced by something bad. The growth was cancerous.  Dr. Villar removed everything, but cautioned that “Cancer never sleeps.”  So I have to watch carefully from now on.  (I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop, so nothing has changed there.)

It’s good that it was the kind of growth it was (how it was positioned)… but bad because it was in a place where that doesn’t usually happen.  Making him wonder if it wouldn’t appear somewhere else.  So my anxiety level has only improved a little.  Meanwhile…

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8 responses to “Truths Unseen — The 1930s Part 3

  1. Dear Mello, thank you for reblogging.
    I invite you to come by Sunday and leave your “Fairy Name” so you can be promoted in the new pantser series I’m doing. The announcement/invitation goes live at midnight (Eastern USA), or you can look up the related post on Facebook and leave your details there. They’re having a grand old time with that post. 😉 Hugs.

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  2. I agree it was a great installment from Teagan! I’m now following your blog 🙂

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