What a WINNER Of A Day! #BloggersBash2017 #SundayBlogShare

And the winner is…butismileanyway!
I can’t put it into better words than better Ritu’s to describe the amazing day we had yesterday. So here is her blog post and expect a few more reposts from some of the lovely people I met yesterday.
Take it away Ritu…

But I Smile Anyway...

Well, as you all know, it was the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards today.

What an amazing day!!!!!!

The start for me was trying to carry two bulging bags of cakes to the venue, via train and tube! You’d think that would be a conversation starter, wouldn’t you?


I got a comment from one of the employees at the tube station when he clocked them, and then as I was sat on the Tube, the man opposite looked at the contents of the bag, and gave me a smile… no mate, you ain’t getting none! These are for my Blogily!


I arrived, in typical Ritu fashion, an hour early, and settled in the lobby of the venue, ready to catch up on blog posts and comments, when I heard a squeal as the committee arrlved…  Sacha  , His Geoffleship , Ali  and Huggable Hugh! 

And so the day began!

The function room…

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4 responses to “What a WINNER Of A Day! #BloggersBash2017 #SundayBlogShare

  1. What a reblogging star is Mello~Elo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was lovely to meet and chat with you Ritu. Your cakes were amazing, and congratulations on your well-deserved win!


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