Monday Coffee

The soft sultry voice of Kat Edmonson croons over the loudspeaker as we sit on the veranda of our favourite coffee house. Children scream past with mothers looking less than relaxed as the holidays kick in, promising long days and short nights spent cramming in ways to entertain sprogs. 

I turn my attention back to you, fiddling with your coffee mug with a smiley emoji on its side. How are you, I wonder? After many weeks of fobbing off proper libations with you, I haven’t had a chance to find out. 

So many writing friends have been laboriously working towards the end of their novels, stress and stars swimming past their eyes intermittently, whilst I have slowed to a stop yet again. Yes, I’ll admit it only you and our coffee mugs – I’ve lost my mojo again. 

It’s not so much the loss of vision, more the lack of motivation. Lazy would be the perfect description for it! Don’t worry. I promise I will finish the book/s in the near future. They’re too close to the end to leave them now. Those lovely detectives of mine will be square dancing down the kindle pages, solving dastardly crimes soon enough!

Do you ever contemplate dropping everything and following your dreams? What would your biggest dream be? Mine? Well, that’s a hard one because I love my job and writing equally. Both are important so leaving one for the other would be like cheating on the love of my life with my muse. Tough one. 

As the sun drops behind the trees and the lazy buzz of insects descend towards fresh prey sitting with exposed arms thinking summer’s here, I watch you swirl the cold coffee dregs and dread the thought crossing your mind: it’s time to go. 

With one warm hug and a promise to meet again next week, we part ways along the riverside, following our separate paths home. I wish you a wonderful week and imagine you saying the same to me. Until we meet again. 

6 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. Colleen Chesebro

    Eloise, take your time. There’s no rush. You have a family, kids, and a job! That’s huge. Do it all in your time. ❤️

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