Monday Valentine’s Coffee

Be my valentine!

Your heart-foamed late awaits with a delicious chocolate sprinkles, just for you, and there’s a love tart made from fresh strawberries presented on a pristine white plate next to your cup. Ignore the sniggering from those around us. My lack of practice being romantic is fodder for their humour. Whilst we listen to My Amore, here’s a red rose and of course a box of chocolates. Thank you for joining me this evening.

I understand your confusion over my preferring to be with you on pre-Valentine’s Day rather than on a date with the Hubble. Well, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the Hubble is not sold on commercialism and believes everyday should be a special day. So, while I wait for him to decide on a day, I plan on spending my Monday coffee pre-valentines day with you!

Following on from a weekend of celebrating the beginning of half term, my godson’s birthday and copious amounts of food, I’m glad I have a chance to continue the partying mood today. In between the happy moments though, I received another refusal from an agent, this time, not as sweet talking as the last. It means, more hard work and pushing myself further to my goal: becoming a traditionally published author. On the upside, my work colleagues were discussing my books and I received a verbal testament from a well-read friend who recommended Deception to the others. Surviving the cheeky banter comparing my personality to that of the author who wrote the saucy scenes was fun, especially when speculation wandered towards my private life!

Phew! While my blushes die down and I return my attention to you, let me tell you about the exciting event coming up in June. My Blogging Bash ticket for the Uk meet up has been purchased and I’m looking forward to meeting my blogging buddies face to face in June. For those of you based in the U.K., or willing to fly here, why not come and join the party? It will be great to see you.

Speaking of blogging buddies, I’d best greet the rest of the gang at our table and let them chat to you too! Enjoy your coffee and happy Vantines day.

Warm up your Valentine’s Day with a copy of Deception.

Click on the pic to order your copy.


Secrets and lies are revealed under the African sun.



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  1. YAYYYY Can’t wait to meet you 😀

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