Monday Coffee

Good evening. Snuggle up and take your glass of irish coffee, for tonight we are relaxing in front of the fire, enjoying the crackling heat and warmth of a night cap.

After a rather relaxed weekend, I wasn’t in the mood to type up my blog or send out my usual email to prospective agents this morning. I felt like rushing home after the school run and indulging in a few hours of daytime television and junk food (carefully hidden from the sprogs for this purpose). Unfortunately, I opened up a webpage to a literary agent with such an inviting message to submit my work and a motivational pitch for any writer to want to prove themselves to such agent, that I just had to get on with my work and submit my story to them. I’m glad I did because I feel as though I have sent out a stronger letter this week than the last few attempts.  Each week I convince myself that I am getting better at it. I await a response from the agents, if any, to see if they agree!

How has your weekend panned out? Did you get any work done or did you spend it with loved ones?

Last week I focused on a new thread for The Pink Mask which has been added to the story. Now I have managed to give a voice to the dead woman who was rather quiet throughout the story. I enjoyed using her to tie up some loose ends in the thriller. Something I have noticed happening is that one of my detectives, DI Jones, has become a bit too vocal in this book.  I am going to have to reign him in as his personality in The Iron Pendulum was one of strength, silence and aggression. He demands respect; from the size of his large frame to his reputation as a great detective, all the subordinates under him fear his wrath and don’t get in his way at crime scenes. So, yes, DI Bob Jones has built quite a repertoire of silent gestures and has unflinching loyalty from his partner, which I hope to emulate in the second book.

This week, I plan on joining the murders using the information I googled last week. An amusing event happened whilst doing the research; my hubble was working from home and had called in a Sky engineer to fix the upstairs sky box. I was in the midst of investigating poisons and oblivious to the engineer. I turned to the hubble, asking his opinion on whether he’d prefer to die from insulin poisoning or arsenic. The engineer continued with his work and didn’t break his chatter for my hubble to answer my question.  Instead, he decided to drop a snarky comment about how they colour the hdmi cables so that women don’t get confused when they connect their boxes. I peered around at the gentleman and gave him a deathly glare as I informed him that I would write him into my script and chop him up into little pieces so that my detectives would keep finding bits of him throughout the story!

Unfortunately, he found this hilarious and continued with his work, undeterred. The hubble just looked at him and warned him that a writer had the power to poison him and kill him in many different ways at which he blanched and retreated to his van, explaining that it was our television that was the problem and not the box. Considering I’m the one that fixes the devices and sorts out the cabling in the house, I found it quite amusing that he made that flippant remark. Maybe I will write him into my book and chop him up in tiny pieces.

Well, it’s nearly my bedtime, so I will bid you farewell. If you’re still feeling a bit sprightly, why not join Lance on his tour bus as he takes us on a trip to meet Galileo. Or, if you’d prefer, why not visit Terri Webster Schrandt as she discusses solitude.

Don’t forget to join me tomorrow for Book Tuesday where I will be presenting another book review.

Have a great evening.


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