Monday Coffee Parade

Today, you’re joining me upstairs, by my desk which overlooks the park across the road. Seagulls are parading for us, trooping their colours and performing aerial displays for our viewing pleasure. It might not be the coffee shop entertainment, but it does have its appeal on such a muggy day.

The light rain doesn’t seem to deter our intrepid winged officers parading outside and just before you joined me, I was outside with them, getting soaked through my layers. Like Shrek, I don’t enjoy exposing my many layers and find it rather uncomfortable to be wetter than the dog I’m walking. Henry, the dog, loved the deep puddles across the field and lolloped in and out like Tigger on drugs. I’m glad to be back indoors with you, having a coffee and sharing the events of the weekend and week ahead.

Whilst we hold our mugs close to our chests for warmth, I will share a snippet of good news. One of my younger sprogs is entering the BBC2 500 words competition. I’m really proud of our school as they are giving the children a chance to enter whether they are strong writers or not. It’s a great way to find the dark horses who constantly rely on the more outspoken children in class, hiding their natural talent under a bushel. It is also a good way to boost the morale of children who find it hard to articulate their abilities in the rigid school system.

The seagulls have flown off into the grey sky, pursued by a little Yorkie. In a slow, easy glide, they circle back behind the little dog and land effortlessly on their wet, green landing strip. As you select another home made cinnamon biscuit, I shall tell you about my plans for the week. It is going to be filled with work and writing projects. We are carefully increasing our book intake for the library and it is time for me to start typing out the NaNoWriMo stories the children wrote last year. This year has a different feel to last years frantic attempt to finish the book quickly. I would prefer to spend more time editing the work with the children so that they hone in their skills as writers and editors and let them feel the process of making a book. The Writer’s Club is a great way to do this and I shall use it to ensure the children give their best version of stories for the anthology.

On the personal writing front, I shall keep applying to various agents. I’ve realised that my synopsis already sent out might not be strong enough to get their attention so I need to pull it apart and try again. I’ve thought of another thread to add to The Pink Mask and will inject it into the story so that there are a few layers to peel back as you unravel the mystery with Detectives Perkins and Jones. I’m still hoping that my subscribers who have read The Iron Pendulum will leave their reviews on amazon as I have very few reviews but a lot of readers! It doesn’t help the book much, so please, if you have read it, leave a review.

Now that you’ve drained your cup and scoffed all the biscuits, I suggest we get down to some work and meet again tomorrow for Book Tuesday. As always, thank you for spending a moment with me before the week begins in earnest. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Have a great day.



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