Sharing Chapter 1 of My First Book – Frankly Speaking

Since I won’t be featuring a book review today, I thought I might share Don Massenzio’s book, Frankly Speaking, with you. I found Don on Christhestoryreadingape’s site.

Join me later for another Book Tuesday contribution.

Author Don Massenzio

Your first book is like your first child. It might not be perfect, but you put a lot of effort into it and hope for the best. Frankly Speaking was published in April of 2014. The idea for the book came to me as I was binge watching The Rockford Files on Netflix. The show followed the adventures of a PI who worked out of a trailer and interacted with local colorful characters. I gave my main character a wisecracking but brilliant sidekick, Clifford “Jonesy” Jones and a dog named Lucy. Lucy was modeled after a dog that my family had that, if I could have afforded to clone her, I would have. She was a Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix and she basically trained herself.

I was nervous about how the book would be received. I spent months sharing chapters on literary sites getting critiqued by other authors. I spent…

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