Book Tuesday

Hi and welcome back to Book Tuesday.

This week, I will be reviewing a Mills & Boon romance collection called Taken by the Soldier.

As part of my Christmas present last year, the hubble decided to give me a steamy romance collection of three stories based on soldiers (knowing I have a fetish for men in uniform!). I was pretty dubious about the book as I tend not to receive romances from people, but choose my own books in the privacy of second hand stores and charity shops. Being handed a new romance with crisp pages as yet un-turned was pretty exciting and once the chaos of ripping Christmas paper and unraveling presents had died down, I slipped away to a quiet corner to enjoy my chocolate box collection (what I like to call my romances).

The first story in the collection, The Soldier’s Untamed Heart by Nikki Logan, was a lovely story set in Australia about a woman finding a new job, new home and new life for herself and her son. Of course, she meets a dashing ex-military man who happens to own the large animal park where she plans on applying for the position of head of security. With main character names like Romy and Clint, each character was well formed and easy to like. The story itself wrapped me up in that exciting parallel universe where you half expect the characters to jump off the page and rush through the house, screaming at each other whilst trying to contain their sexual tension.  I was delighted with the twists in the story and inevitable happy ending. Great story and well written.

The second story stretched me a bit and though I enjoyed it, it had a looser take on the military main character. The actions of Boone Ferguson in Joe Leigh’s Closer…, left me questioning whether a well-trained ex-military officer would act in such a way, which is a pity.

The story itself is great: it follows a tormented woman called Christy, who has had a stalker disrupt her life over the past five months, to the point where she was willing to sell her house, change her name and leave her past behind to escape this monster.  After a last desperate call to a number left by her brother Nate, Christy is surprised by the sudden appearance of a man who walks into her house like a ghost. In steps  Boone, her late brother’s friend, who, with his skills learnt in the military, manages to antagonise the stalker in an attempt to make him expose himself.  Not only does he put himself in danger, but he realises that the man holding Christy hostage in her own home is far more technically adept that he had first thought and he is forced to call in old friends to assist.  The story gets better and I thoroughly enjoyed the twist at the end, but the actions in between left little holes in the characters and plot. If you’re after a story capable of getting you hot under the collar with the sexual tension, action and follow through, then this is definitely one for you.  If you enjoy a fuller story around the steamy action, then you will still enjoy this one, though a little frown might appear on your brow whilst reading it.

Sadly, Lisa Child’s story called Groom Under Fire burned out before I could finish it.  The first few pages left me gagging at the terrible plot and as much as I tried, I couldn’t read any further.  It might sound harsh, but based on the previous two stories, hers did nothing that it should have and I felt it missed a decent plot and good writing.

All-in-all, two out of three is not a bad thing and I appreciate the gift.  I shall be adding this book to my chocolate box collection for lazy days when I feel like a little pick-me-up story to while away the day.

I hope you enjoyed reviewing this book with me. If you would like to order your own copy, click on the link below. Let me know what you like or dislike about this collection.

Thanks for reading.


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