Ouch! Monday Coffee

Words can’t describble the whomping pain of removing an unwanted tooth. It’s hard to imagine not requiring said troublesome creature, but in certain circumstances we deem it necessary to remove the rot! Needless to say I’m happy to announce that I’m still alive! 

Thank you for offering to buy the coffee today, but I have to politely decline.  The gaping hole in my gum is rather sensitive and I’m sticking to drinking from a straw for the time being.  The Hubble has tried to be sympathetic but his comment during my trauma still haunts me…”If you can have four kids, this is a walk in the park!” He’s still refusing to look at the wound.  Huh! If you’re going to throw around free advice, back it up with a bit of spine.

Yes. Yes.  I’m being unfair.  Please refer all your complaints to Pain: she is now in charge.

I do think it’s time for some pain killers so I will cut this monologue short and retire to my cosy corner with a book.  

Enjoy your coffee.

14 responses to “Ouch! Monday Coffee

  1. Ouch! I’m sorry about the tooth. I saw the dentist last week, but it was all good news. Except for the cleaning. I hate that. Anyway, enjoy the book and I hope you feel better soon!

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  2. If it is the wisdom tooth, I think that tea bags are invaluable. They helped me out a lot when I got two wisdoms removed.

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    • You brave soul! I refused to let him near my wisdom teeth. They are quite content at the back and I’ve now made more room for them so let’s hope they don’t complain! The dentist also recommended teabags – a handy little addition to add to my stories. 😀

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  3. I think I might have pulled one of my hubby’s teeth out if he would have made a comment like this… Having said that, it’s usually me making this exact comment: If I was able to bring two kids into this world this will be a walk in the park… And I actually believed it until I had a piece of glass in my foot and had to remove it… I swear, I rather have two more kids and spent 20 something hours in labor than having another piece of glass taken out of my foot sole…

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    • Yikes that must’ve been awful! Did you have to have stitches, tetanus jabs, etc? Yes there are moments at dentist visits when I do think id rather have the kids again than go through the pain.

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      • It was horrific! First he tried to get it out with tweezers. Then the podiatrist realized that it sits too deep. That “digging” was already torture in itself. The worst part though was when he gave me a shot to numb the area round where the glass was so he could make a little cut to get it out. There are simply no words to describe the pain of this needle. I swear, if I would want to torture someone I would go for needles in the foot…

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      • Oh my! That does sound like torture. Glad you’re okay now.

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  4. And I hope you feel better very soon. xoxo

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  5. Oh dear. Just read this before I set off to the dentist in an hour’s time. Mind you, it’s only for a check up.
    Hope mistress pain has long gone and you are feeling better, Eloise. Did the tooth fairy come and visit you?

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