Three Short Stories About Bugs, and Their Attendant Life Lessons

King of States!

(The creepy crawly kind! Don’t worry, though: there are no photos. I’m not a monster.)

Bugs! We can all agree that they are horrifying, yes? Yes, and I will brook no dissent on this point. My proof: yesterday, I read my first and last Reddit thread ever, about a woman with severe arachnophobia for which she is in extensive therapy, whose nightmarish excuse for a “boyfriend” thought it would be “funny” to spend a period of months accumulating a jar full of spiders, then pour the contents of the jar over her head as a “surprise.” (Spoiler alert! She dumped him.) The cruelty perpetuated by this medieval spider king masquerading as a contemporary human person resulted in a Reddit thread in which 100% of participantsagree that she is justified not only in refusing to take him back, but in burning down his house.

Opposable thumbs, the ability…

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