Autumn Calling

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Swans in Mill Pond, Milford, MA

(I want to give those who aren’t reading the more risque, password protected story a bit of fiction today.  Enjoy!)

Carl glanced out of the office window.  An early autumn sprinkling of red, yellow and orange flared out from the surrounding green.  Deep in his brain a warning message was sent, “Danger!  Winter is approaching and you need to stockpile food!  You need to hunt so there is plenty of meat to make through the snowfall!  Go out to the forest now and bring back fresh meat!”  The message reached the surface as, “It is just so gorgeous this time of year!  I need to get out and go hiking.  Perhaps I’ll play hooky tomorrow and commune with nature.  The air is so clear.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Yes, I need a walk in the woods.”

A loud “ping” announced an IM from his boss, Mark, drawing Carl’s attention…

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