Happy #Wensfriesday

It’s the middle of the week and I have a hunkering for a midweek treat.  Our heatwave is causing a ruckus with eating habits and I’m burning more energy running around classrooms than I normally do.  Not that I’m complaining – it’s nice to have warm hands for a change as I’m usually the poster girl for Frosty.

Warm rays are drying my slightly damp hair and the sounds of children playing interrupt the droning noise of traffic.  My son is learning to play netball and has a knack for clap-catch. Still, the appeal of a sweet treat drowns out everything else.

Some exciting things will be developing over the next few weeks which will require more hard work and dedication.  I love a challenge, especially when it involves motivating children to find their inner writing talents. NaNoWriMo is a go too which means I might not have time for my own challenge; it’s hard enough finding time to finish my books.

Right, enough chatter.  I’m off to find some fudge, chocolate or hidden stash of nougat!  Enjoy your Wensfriesday. 

6 responses to “Happy #Wensfriesday

  1. Our heat wave came back again too. It’s been one long hot summer. Keep cook and enjoy that chocolate, Mello. Mega hugs!

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    • Thanks Teagan. How are you coping with this new weather pattern? The children are melting at school!

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      • Any time the temperature gets up around 90 F (32C) the air quality becomes horrible — plus the humidity usually sits at least at 70% often more at that temperature. Well, for the past 3 months, it’s more often than not been closer to 95 (35)… This week has finally had a few moderate days… still hot to me, but not as oppressive. I just stay indoors… LOL, I have become more of a fan of ice cream than I ever was before. 😀

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      • I don’t blame you. I love where I work as the library has a door leading straight out to the cool air. Perfect ventilation!

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  2. When I was a kid, I always preferred netball to basketball and thought it unfair that it was a sport reserved for girls at school. There’s a lot more skill involved, what with not having the backboard to make up for a bad aim.

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