Sarah the Strange

dilettante factory

Where have I been?

I know that’s what you’re asking. Sure.

This has been a most interesting year, full of all sorts of changes for me.

But I’ll not bore you with the details of all that.

Highlights reel:

In January, I moved in with the strange and lovely Sarah — music aficionado, lover of all things creepy and Lovecraftian — a writer no less. She plays Wipe Out on the drums, and the birds and the squirrels come to gather ’round and sing the guitar. She never gets wet, she smiles and it’s a rainbow.

And she’s always smiling.

She is the loveliest person you’ll ever meet, and yet, she can swear like a sailor. Everywhere she goes she engages people, striking up conversations with strangers like they were long lost friends.

Even my ex-wife agrees that Sarah is my soulmate. We are two chocolate-covered caramel/cookie sticks in a…

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