Monday Coffee…It’s too hot!

The heat is unbearable tonight and in the midst of this humidity, I was trying to find costumes for my two sprogs to wear to school tomorrow.  You see, it’s a special day: Roald Dahl day.  All his characters from his books come to life and parade around the school to delight all present. What a thought…all my characters coming to life. That might be a bit scary!

It’s too hot for coffee, so would you like a soft drink? I do know that a cup of tea is quite refreshing too – I’ll leave the choice up to you.

After a lovely weekend with mixed weather we have managed to move all our winter gear towards the front of the storage room and slowly integrate summer wear to the boxes at the back.  The cats are not too impressed and insist on sleeping on the boxes in protest. I feel it was a wasted process as we are still delving into the box with every seasonal day that passes.

On the writing front, I have started contributing to a new site where I am using a more satirical voice, giving my characters room to breathe.  It’s great fun and good practise as I prepare to write another book.  Flexing the crazies roaming in my mind helps sort out the wheat from the chaff. Some will survive the cull whilst others will probably be removed from my mind and put back into the dark space where things are forgotten.

Have you thought of something you would like to achieve this week?  It’s pretty silent out there each week and I do wonder if you feel shy to add your comments.  I don’t bite – let me know what you think.  After all, you’re quite happy to enjoy a cuppa with me, so why not share a little more? Tell me what you got up to this weekend or what’s planned for the week ahead. I have just ordered the anthology of stories I have put together for the children at school.  I’m hoping they will enjoy seeing their hard work in print and have the joy of giving it to family members.  What an achievement by such talented students.  I do hope they keep writing as they definitely have it in them.

Since I have less time to write during the week, I tend not to post threads written by me as often as I’d like to.  I will try to change that in the near future, but it all depends on workloads, life and time.  I’m sure you all have to perform the same circus act as I do: juggling all the different balls until the end of the week and starting again the next week!

Fancy another drink while you update me on what’s been going on in your life?  I’ll throw in some cake!

4 responses to “Monday Coffee…It’s too hot!

  1. Hi Eloise. Tea please. 😀
    News from me. On the weekend I sent back my short story collection to my editor for its final check. Yesterday, I saw the beginnings of two book covers. Trouble is, I so like them both, so I may have to ask for some help from those that follow my blog as to which one they like. There’s still work to be done on the covers, but they are already looking great. Another author and his partner have kindly offered to do all the formatting and loading of the book for paperback copies . They only live a 45-minute drive away, so I grabbed the offer with both hands.
    Have a great week.

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    • Hi Hugh, here’s your cup.
      That’s wonderful news. I can’t wait to see the covers. I shall be checking your blog for updates. It’s wonderful when everyone comes together to help you with the book – I still appreciate all the help and advice you gave me. Good luck with it all. Have a lovely week. xx

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  2. Well, I posted off the first draft of my accidental novel last week, so it should be with the publisher now. That’s enough of an achievement for me, I’m still nervously waiting to hear what they think.

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