Monday Coffee

Wow!  I didn’t realise how late it was.  Grab your mug and I’ll fill you up. The others are still awake so let’s escape to the bat cave and chat.

How was your weekend? Mine was spent with family and loads of food! As much as I love socialising, I do enjoy the relaxation of returning to my writing…when it’s not a blank page staring back at me, that is.

I promised to show you a print of Moofy and Flo, my new children’s book that I’m illustrating.  Now, I know I’m no great artist, but I’m having so much fun with acrylics and I have to say, it’s all due to Rob Lewis.  He’s a children’s author who visited our school a while back. He inspired me to try painting and illustrating in a different way.  His books are fantastic: not only do they rhyme, they are humourous and have great story lines.  Check him out when you get a chance.

Anyway, put you mug down for a minute and take a walk with me to the darker side of the cave.  I’ve got a torch, so please don’t worry about the things that you can’t see! That squeaking you are hearing is just the end of a record on the gramophone – my new addition to the bat cave (apart from the coffee maker next to the tequila bottles!) and becoming a fast favourite.


Okay. Take a look at this…

Meet Moofy. He’s a bear of sorts and loves getting into trouble.  He’s big, he’s furry and as cuddly as a bear can be. Lucky for him, he has Flo.  

I would show you more, but I want it to be a nice surprise once he’s complete. I am not setting a deadline to finish this book as it is a fun task, but fingers crossed, it will be complete before Christmas.

Come on. Let’s go back to the old sofa and finish our drinks.

There is enough for another mug each.  Shall we top up? What do you have planned for this week ?


9 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. such interesting, this is a good practical post brings good energy and and makes plan much better!!

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  2. I adore Moofy! He could easily be a stuffy. Perhaps a line of character plushes are in your future?
    *adds rum to her coke* My weekend, or last 10 days actually, was spent at work. We had major flooding in our region weekend before last and I’m running on fumes…and a last nerve. All plans on the writing front have been backburnered for a few more days.
    Much love *clink*

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    • Cheers! Oh no! Sorry to hear about the flooding. I’ve caught some of the news on flooding and it looked very severe. Feel free to use the bat cave! It’s dry and there’s always room. Seriously though, hope you and your family are all safe.
      PS. I would love to create Moofy into a stuffy! And my character LeBrush into a child’s hair brush!


  3. I so like Muffy, but enough with the coffee at such late hour. How about the wine???

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