Wonderful Writers’ Summer School at Swanwick

Ever thought of attending a writer’s retreat but felt the experience might be a bit daunting. Maybe Lance’s extract of his experience will motivate you to seek out the company of other writers for a week! I know I’ll be booking my retreat for next year!

Write to Inspire

TW3 – That Was The Week That Was!

For many years, my father, Tony Greenfield, has been attending the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School in Derbyshire. He raves about it and has implored me to accompany him on many occasions. Unfortunately, I am usually otherwise occupied with family holidays of the beach-and-pool variety. This year, circumstances allowed me to pitch up to Swanwick as a first-timer, or “white-badger.” For those who are puzzled and thinking that I may have transformed myself into an albino nocturnal creature, I can explain that experienced delegates wear yellow badges and virgins, like myself, wear white badges.

My Dad is infirm with Parkinson’s disease and his sight is failing. I knew that I would need to look after him but that didn’t spoil my enjoyment or full participation. My new friends at Swanwick were all very kind and helped whenever and wherever they could.

When I…

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