Henry Visits the Seaside

Sprinkles of sunlight littered the beach as Henry took his first dip into the ocean.  The water was freezing cold, as always, but that didn’t deter him.  After all, all the other dogs were watching!

With big tigger leaps, he pounced above the foamy white waves, gulping salty water as he chugged along in the water.  Each choppy swish of waves swept over his head but his determination to continue outweighed the salty drink trying to pull him under.
At last he turned back to shore, a smile surfacing as he spotted us and galloped towards us.  His soaking body shook as his wet paws mixed with the sand and he shook half the ocean onto us with relish.  His grin said it all: swimming in the sea was fun!

Once the novelty wore off, his tired body craved fresh water and a blanket.  After a short rest he was up and about again, meeting friends and searching the wind blown sand dunes protecting the beach.  

After a spot of football with some four legged friends, it was time to return home. Unfortunately, with all the excitement, he was sick in the car and decided to do it on one of the sprogs!  She was not impressed at all!  Well, at least it was a safe trip home and a nice hot bath to remove the salty coat on his fur and replenish the clean water in his body.  And what better way to end the day but to curl up on the sofa and doze in front of the telly watching the olympics.

Good-night from Henry and he hopes you had a good Sunday too. 

2 responses to “Henry Visits the Seaside

  1. Aww he’s gorgeous!! Looks like he liked the sea 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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