Book of the Month — Atonement, Tennessee

Atonement, Tennessee is Kev’s book of the month. Find out why…

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Time Sq Atonement TeaganImage courtesy of Chris Graham

I’m tickled pink!

I’m blushing to tell you about it, but… I feel like I’ve been put on a billboard in Time’s Square!  My novel, “Atonement, Tennessee” was named book of the month, and me author of the month. By the way, that includes an incredibly generous free offer.  That’s all from the versatile Kevin Cooper at KC Books & Music.  

Here’s a link to Kev’s post, which has me feeling so in the pink:

Lilith, the calico from “Atonement, Tennessee” is purr-fectly pleased too.

Lilith and mirrorSeveral of you have already visited Kev’s post and left lovely comments. So I’m going to disable the comments here and ask you to please leave any comments at Kev’s blog

Kev is a multi talented guy.  

Magical_Kev Cooper songOne of Kev’s songs

miedo2_Kev Cooper bookOne of Kev’s books

Writer of novels and poetry, singer-songwriter, reviewer…

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2 responses to “Book of the Month — Atonement, Tennessee

  1. My dear Mello Elo, thanks so much for reblogging this post. Kev is so generous to set up a free offer with my novel. Mega hugs my friend.

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