Saturday Quick Coffee Catch Up


Gosh it feels like forever since I have dropped in for a coffee. The pressure of completing two children’s books and an adult book has gotten to me. But, guess what? 

It’s alive! It’s alive! 

Cecil The Bully is now a little book monster ready to creep into your children’s bookshelves (not at all scary), and entertain them with nose picking, snot licking characters pulling delightful pranks on unsuspecting teachers.

I’m awaiting his arrival in print and once I’ve checked him over for naughty misprints or lurking loogies, I will formally announce him to the world.  That means giveaways and fun free book markers for my wonderful subscribers.

In the meantime, please raise your mug and let’s have a quick toast before I run back to chain myself to my desk.

The next time I surface will be once the next book is complete. Book me in for a coffee break. I will definitely need it.
See you later!

8 responses to “Saturday Quick Coffee Catch Up

  1. Nice seeing you, Mello, even if for just a few seconds! Great that Cecil is done. I hope the rest of your writing goes smoothly.

    Have a great week!

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  2. Looking forward to seeing Cecil in print, Eloise. I enjoyed the snippets you posted here on your blog.

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  3. Wow, Mello. You deserve a serious break! Congrats on this milestone. The book sounds delightful. Hugs!

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