Book Tuesday: Trent’s World

Hello and welcome to Book Tuesday.

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmileThis week we are digging deep into a fellow blogger’s writing files and picking out wonderful stories that he has written over the past few years.  Trent from Trentsworld has been an inspiration to us all, creating his Weekly Smile to boost positive, humorous stories into our weekly digests. I have to add, his blog is a reason to make me smile every week.  With his constant support for 1000Voices, he tirelessly finds ways to post positive thoughts and words that motivate others to smile and feel happy.

Trent has been writing for many years and has a collection of stories for our delectable delight.  He has a few words to describe himself…

Although I often portray myself as a man of all arts, when you get right down to it I’m a writer of fiction. My character driven stories often have a bit of the fantastic to them and sometimes can be considered fantasy or science fiction. I’ll let you be the judge on how to classify them. 

Now, because I don’t want to drag you away from his actual blog page and I would encourage you to explore his work,  listed below will be a few links for stories from his page. Take your pick – they are all excellent.  I hope you enjoy them as much please, give Trent a lovely surprise and leave a message for him to let him know what an awesome writer/blogger/musician he is!

The Halley Branch

The Hamlet Symphny - Alt Image

It started as a dream.  It was strange and vague, as dreams often are, but I knew I had to use it for a story.  I wrote out the scene, changed from the dream, but realized it had to be part of a longer story.

That is how the Halley Branch started.

Fiction (No Discription)


(Note – This has the same content as the main fiction page but there are no descriptions for the main stories.)


A New Life
A series of tongue in cheek stories about a poor, misunderstood creature. Most of these stories are all 750 words or less.

Please refer to the  “A New Life – AKA Frank” Page

I hope you give Trent’s blog a thorough read and find all the gems hidden within.  Let me know which story or blog is your favourite and don’t forget to let Trent know too!

Join me again next week when I will find an interesting book, blog or author to feature on Book Tuesday.  Thanks for joining me today.  Have a great evening.

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