Monday Coffee


It feels like ages since we’ve sat down to a coffee together.  I have missed you!

My life consists of boxes: large boxes; boxes filled with shoes; boxes requiring attention because of the crap contained within and boxes filled with memories.  Yup, we are finally moving.  Our new place will be about fifteen minutes away from our current location, which means I will have to get up earlier in the morning to walk Henry.  I don’t mind.  Summer is coming and the days are definitely brighter, especially the mornings.

I feel so rude.  I haven’t offered you anything to drink as yet.  I’m sorry.  Coffee or tea?  One sugar? None? What about milk?

Now I have a confession to make.  For those of you who follow my Hot Shot Updates, you might recall my little story, The Pink Mask, that I posted last month. For those of you that don’t, feel free to subscribe!  I was supposed to write the second half of the story this month, but have not touched it as yet.  Never fear though – tomorrow will be dedicated to writing and I shall endeavour to put out a decent newsletter with another part to the story for your reading pleasure.  Of course, I will make sure it is worth the wait.

With all the activities going on, I have neglected my preparations for The Iron Pendulum and my planned launch date is rapidly approaching.  Final edits must be done, the frills and spills of getting a new book must be followed and of course, proofing the final cover.  I am very excited about this book.  I feel it is a stronger, more challenging story that a wider audience will enjoy.  I guess it awaits to be seen though.

Have another slice of cake with your beverage whilst I update you on my children’s books.  Poor Cecil The Bully has been sitting on the sidelines, awaiting his launch date too.  The sketches by my illustrator had me jumping for joy and I’m thrilled to say that she has captured Cecil’s essence.  Putting that book together should be a doddle – once I find the extra time to do it!  A Tale of Knots has been champing at the bit too.  The ebook has not had enough exposure and I feel the illustrations will generate more interest in the younger audience.  Again, I have to blame time for my tardiness in freeing the book from its publishing cage.

What about you?  What have you been working on this week?  I’m sorry if I haven’t had a chance to visit your blog or Facebook page – I feel like the rabbit that’s late for tea with the Mad Hatter!  Don’t worry, I’ll be round soon to see what you’ve been up to.  In the meantime, feel free to fill me in on the important bits.

I’ll pop the kettle back on in the meantime.

5 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. My book projects are sitting in a corner getting dusty (but not forgotten!!!)…

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  2. The best of luck with the move, Eloise. We moved house a week ago and although it went smoothly I’m so glad it’s done. I never want to see another packing box again for at least five years! 😀

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