Amazing Reviews: Rowling

For my Book Tuesday blog, I can’t resist sharing GTylermills’s reviews of Amazon reviews! Enjoy. 😀

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This is a series where I’ll review the best, worst book reviews from Amazon

I started this new series out of a personal love for reviews. There are some that sound as though they were written by a prominent contributor of the New Yorker, while others sound like this is the first time they’ve written on anything outside a bathroom stall. Amazon reviews give a voice to all types of people and their words are nothing short of amazing.

I wanted to kick this off with a book that for many began a lifelong addiction to reading, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Storms of children raided bookstores when it was released. Fans re-read this classic every year. The movies went on to break millions of box office records. People everywhere loved this book, while a select few did not. Let’s hear from the few that didn’t. I’ll post a review, then my rebuttal.

hate this book 1…

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2 responses to “Amazing Reviews: Rowling

  1. I never take any notice of reviews, in fact I hardly ever read them, because they are all so subjective. I am perfectly capable of making up my own mind and I’m not risking being put off reading a book on the say so of someone whose opinions and prejudices I have no prior knowledge of.

    Having said that; I can’t bear the Harry Potter books either (having been forced to read them to kids in the past) and the films are even worse.

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