Zimbabwe Holiday

Hi everyone.  Sorry, no Book Tuesday today as we have just arrived and are settling in.

  The trip was very long.  We started out yesterday and only arrived this evening to a place that is only eight hours away on a direct flight (which are not permitted anymore). I had fun explaining to the children that we were time travellers: we travelled forward in time to Dubai and then back in time to Zimbabwe. We are now one hour ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).   

From the warm spring weather in the UK, with beautiful cherry blossoms coming into bloom and soft rainfall to the raging heat of Dubai, dry and unforgiving with a temperature of 27degrees Celcius when we arrived at seven in the morning! 


  Each destination offered a different flavour of people and culture which opened the children’s eyes to the vast range of species of human. The chaos of the airports was a perfect spot for people watching and this kept us amused during the stopovers.  I loved the variety of hairstyles; some downright extraordinary and others as disheveled as mine!  An old man caught my eye as he sat patiently waiting next to his wife, playing the eukalali of all things.  No-one batted an eyelid.

Zimbabwe greeted us with a spectacular sunset and lovely heat.  We were very happy to see the end of our journey and dread the return trip.  I hate taking off my boots at the security checks and will have to re-think my wardrobe for the return journey.

The children were in awe at the size of the place and the crazy driving with no road markings on some roads.  Emergency Taxi drivers shot out of the sidelanes like bats out of hell and we had forgotten how pedestrians walked on the roadside, through traffic- in fact anywhere they pleased!  

Tomorrow I will take some photos to show you this vast, beautiful country.

Until then, nightly bye!

2 responses to “Zimbabwe Holiday

  1. Excellent cloud picture. I’ve never had the opportunity to capture them from above before.

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