Monday Coffee

Quick! Come in before the wind blows you away!

Gosh, that bell on the door is going crazy.  I hope they shut the door before half the tree gets carried in with this wild weather.  Here, sit next to me.  I’ve ordered us some tea since it’s so cold today.

How are you?  Did you have a good Easter break?  We have had a really relaxed weekend and I think we have broken the record for the most movies watched over three days.  The children have not wanted to go anywhere because of the weather and with a good supply of Easter eggs and snacks, there has been no reason to venture out.  Oh, I do have one exception – dog walking!  My family were not impressed with me because I forced them to take Henry out for a walk on Easter Sunday, in the middle of a hail storm.  Granted, it wasn’t raining when we set off; the weather turned as we arrived at the open field and chucked everything at us as we made our way around it.

In the words of my son, “You’re not allowed to choose Henry’s special presents anymore!”

I had informed him that the walk would be Henry’s special gift since he couldn’t eat chocolate.  I still can’t help smirking at the memory of their unimpressed faces and soaked bodies.  At least they exercised too!

Now that the weekend is over, I have to concentrate on my next newsletter coming out.  I have a lovely number of subscribers and don’t want to lose any by sending out trash.  My greatest wish is to send out a new story for them to enjoy as I feel this might entice them to buy more books and keep them interested in my writing.  Do you have a subscriber list?  What do you do to keep your followers interested in between books?

Have you seen any other bloggers over the weekend?  Hugh wrote another fantastic horror short story for the season and I reblogged it as it was a wonderful way to start the weekend.  Keeping the macabre moment going, Victo has captured my youth in her post about visiting an old bedroom.  I remember mine vividly and the fact that I couldn’t move anything out of place without a reprimand. My escape came in my teens and I still flee from the thought of returning to that time in my life.

I can see Sasha is here.  Don’t forget to have a chat with her about Blogger’s Bash Awards coming soon.  Have you made your list of nominations for the awards yet?  There’s not much time left so don’t forget to add your nominations early.

On that note, I’d best start my list too!  Shall we meet tomorrow, for Book Tuesday?  I have another interesting author to focus on and I’d love for you to give your feedback.

It gives us an excuse to have another coffee and slice of cake too!

See you then.


6 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. Thanks for the shout out Eloise 😀 really appreciate it. Are you coming to the Bloggers Bash?

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  2. Glad you enjoyed my little horror story for the Easter season, Eloise. I wanted to write something different for Easter. I think I managed to do that without upsetting the Easter Bunny too much. 🐰

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