Monday Coffee

Can you see me?  I’m over here, in the midst of the coffee chaos!  What’s your order: coffee/tea/latte or a herbal tea, and what would you like to eat?  Please find us a table, if you can, and I’ll join you once the barista has created them.

Wow!  I guess everyone has the same idea tonight and are taking advantage of the lovely spring evening.  I guess we have all had enough of the cold weather and need to get out for a breath of fresh air.  The smell of your slice of triple chocolate Belgian cake is making my mouth water.  Yes, I do regret not ordering a larger slice for myself.

I have had a chance to visit quite a few bloggers this weekend and was thrilled to see such amazing art, poetry and deep thinking.  My old bloggy pals are, of course, my regular stopover.  It’s just like this place – it’s always nice to be here because you know you will see a friendly face.
This weekend was just as busy as the others.  It consisted of viewing more houses and prepping for a sleepover party for my now 10 year old.  I can’t believe she’s 10!  Another tweeny running around the house.  Urgh!  The party went really well and the girls were so well behaved.


Balloons with lights.

I think it helped having two other teenagers doing the ghost run at two in the morning and later at four.  The hubble and I decided to watch our recorded shows and caught up with with The Good Wife.  Sunday was definitely a day of rest with us curled up in front of the telly recovering from the late night before.

What did you get up to this weekend?  Did you get any writing done?  I have perused through The Iron Pendulum again and hope to have a cover ready soon.  I think this is the one.  Don’t we always say that about our works?  That hope, the underlying fear that if you say it too loud, someone else might hear it and agree?  Or disagree.  Okay, I’ll take a sip of of my Darjeeling tea and change my statement to I’m hopeful.  Ever feel like we are putting so much of ourselves out there, we are similar to sitting ducks?

My cup is empty.  Fancy another slice of cake?

By the way, you have a little something on your cheek.  Looks a lot like my lemon meringue pie!

8 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. Good morning and thank you for the coffee invitation. We actually have sunshine in London today…..something we haven’t seen enough of lately. Big smiles all round:) I have a very busy week with visitors from far and wide, and so will be popping in and out of blog land when I can. You have a beautiful day and lovely Easter holiday ahead. Janet:)x

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  2. Oh God the cakes, the cakes! It’s not even nine am and I would so go there!

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  3. Strong black French roast with a little sugar please and I don’t do cake or sweet things, thanks anyway.
    Got some more of my mysterious Wrong Stuff story written at the weekend and hatched a new photography feature with an American blogger friend, so that was quite productive.

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