Book Tuesday

Hello and welcome to Book Tuesday, on a Wednesday!

I do apologise for the delay in this post, but other writing projects had to take priority this week. I was determined to push this post through this week as I absolutely love the books I want to talk about today.

We are taking a look at a children’s author who has published over 140 books since 1985.  I always find it amusing, when I am introduced to a new book, to discover that the author responsible for the fantastic piece of work is the same person I have read and admired for many years prior to discovering who they are.  The same can be said for this lady.  Being a librarian for a junior school, I am exposed to many wonderful stories for younger children, and this author has written some real humdingers!

Without further delay, let me introduce you to her.

sally grindleySally Grindley is a multi-award-winning children’s author who has had over 140 books published since 1985. Sally’s wide-ranging body of work includes books for toddlers, picture books, young reading books and novels for pre-teens.


Here are a few examples of her incredible collection of stories for younger children:

Do Tigers Have Nine Lives?Cat-A-WallMouldylocks and the Three Clares

Now, if you have a chance to visit her website, you will find many more titles, so I have never even heard of!  It tickled me pink to see she had a collection of stories written about a little boy called Zack, one of my favourite names for boys (and of course, my son’s name).

Spilled WaterNow the books that caught my attention in our little library at school were Spilled Water and Bitter Chocolate.  A student asked for a challenging book and as we scoured the shelves, Spilled Water caught my eye.  Its gorgeous cover and interesting blurb had me recommending the book before I had even read it.  Fortunately, the book lived up to its cover and blurb.  The student returned, absolutely raving about the story and encouraged her friends to read the book too.  I waited patiently for my turn to read this exciting book, which took longer than expected.

So, determined to find another book of the same caliber, I went through the shelves again and found Bitter Chocolate.  The story captured me with the strong descriptions of the little group of boys caught in a civil war, kidnapped by rebels and used as child soldiers in a fight they never quite understood.  Subtle hints are given about the horrors encountered without any disturbing revelations that would make the book unsuitable for its young audience.

Bitter ChocolateBitter Chocolate captured my heart and I silently cheered as the main character, Pascal, showed his strength and compassion whilst enduring unbearable brutalities in a life children should never face in war torn Africa.  Once I finished the book, I recommended it to my younger daughter, who unwillingly skimmed through the pages and claimed she had read the book.  I couldn’t disguise my disappointment, as I felt this book would change her perspective on her luxurious lifestyle in comparison to Pascal and his friends trapped between the pages.

Thankfully, when I returned to work, I recommended the book to the same student who read Spilled Water and we both gushed over the poignancy and strength in these books.  I can’t tell you how often I thank my lucky stars that I work as a librarian and get to gush over books!

If I could persuade you to read two books this month, they would have to be Spilled Water and Bitter Chocolate.  Though listed as children’s books, you will not be disappointed by the content.  They have the heart and soul of an adult book with beautiful language to encourage young, confident readers to enjoy something more substantial than the trivial drivel that sits atop the arrangements of bookshop displays.

Sally Grindley, you are my hero when it comes to writing books.

.Spilled WaterBitter Chocolate

I am looking forward to adding this title, Broken Glass, to our collection at school very soon.

Broken Glass


Thank you for joining me today and I hope you have some recommendations for me from your wide selection of books.  If you would like me to feature your book, or something you’ve read that you feel deserves some attention thrown its way, please feel free to contact me.

Have a great evening.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to read Bitter Chocolate, that book sounds so powerful.

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